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Digitalise your inbox

Digital processes are gradually replacing manual workflows because individual simple sub-steps can be much better and more flexibly automated. This is also the case in the post offices of companies and administration departments. Manual maintenance of incoming post books is necessary, but also time-consuming. The same applies to delivery, where physical mail is still often delivered by handcart. If employees work from home or are on longer business trips, the mail often gets left behind.

Digital mail distribution with ClickPost offers considerable advantages. Paper mail is largely left behind at the company's entrance and the work processes in the departments are purely digital. Digital transformation starts with the inbox. Fast, reliable, fully automatic.

Satisfied customers

  • Deutsche Post InHaus Services GmbH
  • Adler-Schiffe GmbH & Co. KG
  • DATEV eG
  • Seehafen Wismar GmbH
  • Stadtverwaltung Offenbach
  • Deutsche Post E-Post Solutions GmbH
  • TÜV Süd AG
  • Baugenossenschaft Mittelholstein
  • Kreuznacher Stadtwerke GmbH
  • Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich
  • Zahn GmbH
  • Optimo Service AG
  • HAHN-Immobilien-Beteiligungs AG
  • Bauverein AG Darmstadt
  • Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH
  • Stadtwerke Göttingen AG
  • TEDi GmbH & Co. KG
  • Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH

Why ClickPost?

  • einfache Bedienung

    Simple operation

    Post office operators are rarely IT specialists. And why should they be?! They have the task of controlling and ensuring postal movements. If this is to succeed with software, then the software must be intuitive and easy to use. Like ClickPost! Then the focus remains on mail distribution.

  • Zeit sparen mit ClickPost

    Reduce costs

    Digital transformation only makes sense if it leads to improvements and cost savings. With ClickPost, journey times are reduced to a minimum and the entire delivery process is automated as far as possible. The digital incoming mail book significantly shortens the search for mail documents.

  • schnelle Zustellung

    Fast delivery

    Mail cannot be delivered any faster - to almost anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. Delivery times, return times and response times in the mailroom are minimised. Employees in the home office or on business trips remain easily integrated and informed.

  • maximale Sicherheit

    Maximum security

    When it comes to mail delivery, security is immensely important. Transparent, traceable deliveries are a matter of course. ClickPost has an inbox book for this purpose. All postal movements are recorded there and can be researched.

What does ClickPost do?

With ClickPost mail distribution, the daily incoming mail can be digitalised and distributed. So, the digital transformation begins right at the start of many work processes. The associated benefits such as shorter delivery times, better accessibility, digital work platform, transparent workflows increase productivity while reducing workload. The simple operation of the post office and the high delivery rates quickly lead to acceptance.

With the classification module, the mail documents can also be automatically fed to the specialist departments, which is of significant importance for mail delivery in customer care areas, such as city administrations. ClickPost is fully compatible with the AutoClick capture tool. In this way, high-performance incoming mail solutions can be configured in many variants in combination with the two products.

Digitaler Posteingang mit ClickPost

ClickPost offers many advantages ...

... for specialist departments

  • Fast delivery
  • Reachable in the office, home office, on business trips
  • Fully digital working
  • Searchable documents
  • No need to learn a new interface
  • Easy return option

... for post office operators & IT

  • Intuitive operation
  • Full transparency in the mailroom
  • Fast delivery
  • No presorting of post
  • Short installation and configuration time
  • Individual and flexible configurability
  • Highly scalable
  • Easy integration into existing IT infrastructure
  • Individually configurable routing rules

... for decision makers

  • Shorter delivery times
  • Better ability to reach personnel
  • High automation potential
  • Fast ROI
  • Growing system
  • Strengthening competitiveness
  • Transparent processes

ClickPost Features

Modules Adapt ClickPost to your needs.

The requirements for post offices diverge. This ranges from pure mail distribution, classification and content evaluation to distributed mailrooms in larger companies and administrations. Not all post offices run the same way. To accommodate this, there are extension modules to the ClickPost basic module and the possibility to combine ClickPost with AutoClick's modular system. In this way, the most diverse configurations can be realised and adapted to the respective requirements.


    Classifies documents by content criteria and sends them to filing cabinets for specialist departments or to recipients based on rules.

    Allows clients to be processed separately. ClickPost can be configured individually for each client.
  • Routing

    Sends incoming documents in accordance with configurable rules using all information enriched to a document.

    Enables the configuration of input fields to forward additional information and easily realise micro-workflows.
  • Activity Log

    The logging of all processing steps makes it possible to optimise processes via evaluation functions.

    Scanned files are transferred via a secure connection from locally distributed scanning stations to the AutoClick server for central processing.

Technical information

ClickPost Entry

  • Document volume (pages per year)
    5,000 - 100,000
  • System
    Server: PC
    Clients: Browser
  • Database
    CSV files or Microsoft® Access®

ClickPost Pro

  • Document volume (pages per year)
    100,000 - 2,500,000
  • System
    Server: Windows Server
    Clients: Browser
  • Database
    Microsoft® SQL Server® 2019 Express

ClickPost Enter­prise

  • Document volume (pages per year)
    > 2,500,000
  • System
    Server: Windows Server
    Clients: Browser
  • Database
    Microsoft® SQL Server® 2019


  • Supported operating systems:
    Microsoft® Windows from 10
    Microsoft® Windows Server (from 2016)
  • Supported file formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP
  • Interfaces: email, PDF
  • Application: Web application

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