13. October 2021

News Input management for real estate companies

Real estate development and management are associated with many documents. Day after day, dozens of documents arrive by post or as e-mail attachments, have to be processed in different ways and finally filed. Of course, this is faster, more transparent and more flexible digitally. Digital processes simply offer significant advantages. Just think of the cycle times. So what could be more obvious than to start the digital processes directly at the incoming mail. Which document should go where, which information from which document type is important for processing and much more can all be automated by software today. In particular, the simple manual tasks such as typing, checking, comparing and assigning can simply be automated in the background.
International corporations, medium-sized companies and construction associations are already working with our AutoClick document capture and ClickPost mail distribution systems. Just get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss potentials and solutions with you.

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